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Green Party Business, Innovation and Skills national spokesperson", "Dutch author, speaker, poet and yogi", "Member of the European Parliament Sweden and winner of the award 'Fair Politician of the Year' in 2012" ); // Statement of the person // use
to force a line break in the text // use BOLD TEXT to make a text passage bold // var supmsg = new Array( "For 40 years I've been trying to build a movement that makes us recognise we are part of the earth, not its owners and conquerors. Above all are the rights of the earth. Since the earth is a living subject, she is Gaia, she is our mother, a violation of the earth is a very serious violation. We already know that the majority of ecosystems are at the verge of collapse. So ecocide is a crime and I fully support the campaign to declare ecocide as a crime. See her interview on Youtube", "The law against the Ecocide is extremely important. If we can create it, we will succeed in effectively protecting nature. It would be used to punish all perpetrators of large dams and mine operators, which devastate territories and the natural ecosystem. Currently, those responsible for these disasters are only punishable by fines and are free to plunder other territories. This law aims to criminally punish them.", "Currently, we allow our political and business leaders to get away with murder. Now is the time to change that. We need direct liability for those who are destroying our future and this planet. We need fast, profound and systemic change. History only moves forward when courageous people get up and act. That's why I support this citizens' initiative to recognise ecocide as the crime it is. ", "I fully believe in this cause. Making ecocide a recognised law will place a cap on the irresponsible actions of fat cats who hide behind corporate shields to destroy lives and harm the planet. Polluting nations and corporations are engaging in acts of aggression against nature and against humanity. These are extreme acts of mass destruction that may affect the planet in cataclysmic ways. These acts must be recognised for what they are and duly punished. This Ecocide law may be the only way to make climate criminals rethink their crimes of commission and omission", "Our financial rulers and the politicians who help them are playing a giant game of Monopoly with the world's finite resources - completely abstract from reality - even though they accept the facts of Climate Change. And yet, you can't play Monopoly when everybody's dead. They imagine they'll be the last people. They don't care so long as they win.
Photo © Christian Shambanait", "Making the destruction of ecosystems a crime is an excellent idea! The destruction of the environment should be added to the Statute of Rome, because it is a crime against people and Mother Earth", "The focus of our activities is on designing and implementing sustainability schemes for the environment and for the society at regional, national and international level. Responsible environmental polluters – whether governments or corporations – have to be called to account, to protect our common living environment from further environmental crimes and the resulting social injustices. Now, more than ever before it is our responsibility to stand up.", "This planet that we occupy today should be handed over to the next generation with out damaging it. Are we the present generation making it a better place for the new comers to live? is the question that we should ask individually and collectively. Making the planet a better place will demand radical shift in our thinking as well as in our action. Time to remember what Gandhi said 'the nature has enough for every ones need and not enough for any body's greed'.", "Severe environmental crimes are no trivial offences. Nature, future generations and people living in poorer countries will have to foot the bill for the ruthless exploitation of eco-systems by internationally operating corporations. Environmental destruction must not be profitable. We will need international agreements to truly prevent environmental dumping. But the European Citizens' Initiative is an important first step.", "When we know how multinationals destroy our environment and ways of life of some people, it becomes obvious that we need a law that will make them responsible, in front of us and in front of future generations. We couldn’t have a better purpose for this very important initiative.", "The European Union was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for enabling peace between people and states in the second half of the 20th century. A new mission for the EU for the 21st century must be to reconcile the people and the planet.", "Making 'Ecocide' a 5th Crime Against Peace is essential if we are to halt environmental destruction. This is the time to introduce new standards into European law.", "Ecocides are destroying the livelihoods of people worldwide. By means of the European Citizens Initiative 'End Ecocide' we have a tool to fight against ecological murder and to vote in favour of an ecological balance. This is why I sign 'End Ecocide' and why you should support 'End Ecocide' as well.", "The beauty and reliability of the earth is a treasure that we have to preserve. Those who destroy unique ecosystems and habitats harm mankind as a whole. We therefore owe it to further generations to define the limits of tolerable behaviour and to sanction transgression. I support the initiative “End ecocide”, because protection of our natural environment in the European Union has to be on the agenda.", "Making Ecocide a crime is something I can’t do alone, 11 citizens can’t do alone, but 1 million people coming on board, saying yes, I agree with this, let\’s move forward to make our world a better place for ourselves in our life times and for future generations, can make it happen", "As President of the NGO Objective Sciences International, my role is to increase the number of solutions implemented, to allow adults, youth and children to create their own sustainable future. Our fields of realization are the one of Education to Sciences, Participatory Research, Science Trip. The consequences of our actions find their applications in an improvement of Human Rights and in a resumption of contact with Nature. It seam logic and efficient to give his Rights to Nature. Give his Rights to Nature allow also a better achievment of Human Rights.", "We cannot continue the wanton violation of Nature! The campaign to end Ecocide and make it a crime against international Peace is an initiative every right-thinking person should join!", "Our health depends on healthy ecosystems and biodiversity in ways that are not always apparent or appreciated. For our survival and that of many other species we need to put an end to degrading our earthly resources.The End Ecocide in Europe initiative will be instrumental in achieving this.", "Here's the tale of Ray Anderson, the Goliath head of a billion-dollar international corporation, the world largest manufacturer of industrial carpeting. His carpets were made from non-renewable resources (petroleum) and were non-recyclable -- but they met ALL government regulations. Reading two books, my novel Ishmael and Paul Hawken's The Ecology of Commerce, made Ray Anderson see that meeting regulations is NOT ENOUGH. He transformed his company: making all his carpeting from renewable resources (no petroleum) and 100% recyclable. Because his competitors had to follow suit to stay competitive, this Goliath didn't just transform a company, he transformed a global industry. The lesson?
You don't have to KILL Goliath, you just have to CHANGE HIS MIND.", "Citizens in Action for an Efficient environmental legislation, fully green and global.
The only inspiring future is the green one. At all levels, future must redesign from education, culture and knowledge to housing, commerce and justice in order to reach this sustainable future.", "The initiative to outlaw ecological destruction as major crime is a cause I can only support. This is not only about the protection of the environment anymore but about the preservation of the natural capital without which we can't provide for ourselves. This affects particularly people in Africa, Asia and Latin America. For - as a consequence of the destruction of European natural habitats - we are increasingly using the landscapes of other continents, for example through land grabbing. We sack them and take away the basis of food production for those living there.", "I am gratified and excited by the forward thinking - and world-changing - prospect of creating an international legal regime that would once and for all codify ecocide as a crime. Too often unchecked and mindless ecological destruction is perpetrated by state and corporate actors at the expense of landscapes, wildlife, people. This is what motiviated the late Yale biologist Arthur Galston to coin the term 'ecocide' to protest the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam. I am sure he would see the work of the End Ecocide campaign as a worthy continuation of his cause.", "Frankly, I was surprised to discover end-of-ecocide petition. I thought large scale ecosystem destruction was outlawed internationally years ago. Turns out, it is not! Turns out, it is completely legal for EU company to create permanent damage to nature somewhere on the far side of the globe and get away with it. Let's make this thing of the past!", "To name ecocide, this criminal infringement of the fundamental right to health and human life, whether perpetrated in a deliberate way or neglecting the risks for humans, is a big step towards prevention and to the establishment of an international justice, the only one able to prevent trough sanctions those present and announced environmental health disasters. Ecocide = kill life; let’s protect it.", "Twenty-five years ago, I proposed a definition, based on existing international human rights and environmental law, of ecocide, to help develop the concept for acceptance as an international crime. I am therefore delighted to see it being taken up today by End Ecocide in Europe. I believe this legal foundation, if applied to transboundary action or neglect of sufficient magnitude and consequence which is wasteful and unnecessary for human survival, can form the basis of a new international crime. Europe, with its high degree of industrialisation and interdependence, combined with a sophisticated legal and regulatory framework, is a great place to start.", "Increasingly the basis of living for current and future generations of humans and other species is destroyed by reckless practices such as Deepwater oil and shale gas drilling, Mountaintop removal or tar sand mining. I believe these mass destructions of ecosystems are unacceptable no-matter-what and should be legally banned, starting in the EU, and for EU companies. Our planet is too precious to deal with these destructions by economic disincentives that might work or not, or by cajoling. I therefore welcome and fully support the initiative \’End Ecocide in Europe\’!", "In recent centuries, economic and industrial development has brought better living conditions to Mankind. But these changes were often made ​at the expense of ecosystems and a major part of the world population. Today, their cumulative effect threaten the very balance of life on Earth. We simply have to change our operating system if we want to retain a future on this planet. Respect for all living beings and ecosystems as well as the planetary boundaries is part of the new emerging ethics, which is necessary to guarantee a good life for all. The European Citizens' Initiative End Ecocide in Europe is a powerful tool to enhance the awareness of European citizens and officials of the need to pursue this new approach.", "King Anoshirvan once was on a journey through his kingdom, right at the time when prophet Mohamed was born. When he saw an old man planting one year old shoots on a hillside closeby. 'What are you doing here?', the king asked. 'I plant walnuts' answered the aged. The king wondered: 'You are very old. Why do you still plant shoots whose leaves you won't ever see, in whose shadow you won't ever repose and whose fruits you won't be able to enjoy?' The old man looked up to the eyes of the king and replied: 'Those who came before us planted and we could harvest. We plant now that those, coming after us, will harvest too.'
(Neo-persian legend)
Elinor Ostrom, the 1st political scientist receiving the Nobel Prize, introduced one of the greatest challenges of our common future to a wide, international public: problems of collective actions - or in her words 'The Tragedy of the Commons'. It describes the phenomenon that unregulated and unaware individual actions lead to destruction of the environment and by that the base of our coexistance. It is our common duty to take care of what the planet provides us, to protect the system of nature against demolition and to preserve the global biosphere. The youth based initiative on the official recognition by the European Union of - ECOCIDE - as crime that has to be persecuted is in great interest of us all. The International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS) - which embraces more than 15.000 students worldwide - is glad to support this tremendous challenge.", "It has been proven long ago that the healthy environment means healthier people living in it. There are some obvious arguments for that, such as overwhelming benefits of clean air and water, the best crops produced only by the non-contaminated soil or the possible cancer cures hidden deeply in the tropical forests and still awaiting discovery. However, defending the laws of our planet has an even deeper meaning. By the protection of nature and the unconditional disapproval of its devastation, we ensure that our grandchildren would play in a charming, clean, GREEN, stable place. And this cannot be provided by any computer programme, space ship travel, super novel drug or a bank account check of an unlimited value.", "How long can we wait until the effects of climate change become irreversible? Caring about the environment is no longer a matter of what type of person one is, what one likes doing during leisure time, or whether we belong to some 'green' group or not. Climate change concerns all of us, men and women, the religious and the atheists, leftists and conservatives, the rich and the poor... All of us citizens in Europe must pressure our political elites to act upon this pressing issue because there is no other alternative, short of replacing the entire system. If we all spend a little bit of our time and lend some of our energy or maybe some other resources to the www.EndEcocide.eu campaign, the outcome might very well surprise us in the best way.", "I respect my mother because she takes care of me and feeds me with the fruit of her body.
I take care of my mother because she provides me with everything needed for my growth and my subsistence.
I love my mother because returning that natural generosity is the the right act of her children.
I love, respect and take care of Gaia, mother Earth.", "We must support new and stricter rules to halt dangerous industrial activities leading to ecocide. These rules must be coupled with incentives to promote a more sustainable economy that will protect our environment for future generations.", "We have to create new international standards of behaviour, demand decent standards of action that respect the rights of humans and the planet.", "Humankind has, for far too long, regarded the environment only as of secondary importance when engaged in other activities involving trade and commerce, industrial development and the conduct of armed conflict. Those existing international laws that have been codified and which may be relevant are, generally, either too compromised in their terms or have not been respected for lack of effective sanctions. Many members of civil society, academics, lawyers, NGOs and parliamentarians are now working towards rectifying this situation, and the work of the European Citizens Initiatve to 'End Ecocide in Europe' represents an important part of this process and should be supported in every possible way.", "We are nature, so destruction of nature is destruction of ourselves. We need to save nature to save ourselves.", "I support the idea that every national measures implemented around the world for environmental protection, must be completed by a real international right of environment and have powerful institutions to implement them. The creation of a European and an International Criminal Court of the Environment and Health is the way ahead. n order to implement public policy able of imposing themselves on financial and economics considerations in the short term and capable of standing up for a real sustainable development, we must have legal means at an international level, environmental issues do not know borders.", "The campaign to End Ecocide sounds very conscious. I would be very happy to see corporations held accountable, not only for their destructiveness on an environmental level but also on the level of economic injustice. I bow before the bravery and the high-minded perspective of that is represented by Polly Higgins. Bravo!", "If Ecocide is recognized as a crime under international law, we can finally offer our planet and future generations a shield of protection from self-destruction. That would be a first important step in buidling a sustainable future for all. It’s about time we start giving back to our beloved and generous Mother Earth before it’s too late. Together we can end ecocide.", "The reason why I support the civil Initiative END ECOCIDE in EUROPE is the reason that the worlds cases that effect our life cannot only be solved by politics. We as a civil society have a huge impact on and right for a peaceful and healthy lifestyle. It is about us, especially about our western society to take responsible about what we have learned in our past to create new.

\"It is ok to make mistakes but you have to learn from it to make it better.\"

My Call is a Call for a new society, a cultural change and I speak out for a new global alliance between Politics, Economy, Science and us the Civil Society. The time where we act against each other has to come to an end. The time where we sit togehter, collaborating togehter twoards sustainable intelligent development to flourish and take responsible for a beautiful, peaceful and holistic lifestyle with and on our Planet, is needed. To become ECOCIDE a law means to me to come together discussing new global rules in process to create this future and the future is now.", "WE ARE ALL CALLED UPON TO SAVE OUR PLANET
I have been shown wonderful futures but I have also been shown a possible future where grass, flowers and trees are something that children only know from picture books. A future where our air is so polluted that many children have to live in bubbles to be kept alive.This does not have to happen. I have also been shown beautiful futures, where our planet thrives and is full of life and we live in harmony with nature. It’s up to us. We don’t want the children of the future asking of us “How could we have allowed this to happen?“.
If you are a Europe Citizen please sign up to support the campaign. Remember it’s up to each one of us to play our part.
Blessings to you, your family and loved ones", "I am proud to be a member of a party political group of Councillors that succeeded in persuading Oxford City Council to become the first local authority in the UK to support the inclusion of Ecocide as the 5th crime against peace in the International Criminal Court.
In order to change the way the earth is exploited and prevent big business from harmful practices, Ecocide must be adopted as a crime against peace. It is our collective duty as global citizens to do all that we can to protect the planet for future generations.", "The first time I heard about the European Citizen's Initiative to End Ecocide there was only one word in my head...: Yes. Yes, yes yes!
This is the way to raise consciousness and at the same time bridge the gap between the mainstream world and the 'spiritual' world. Let's work together and make this happen!
Well, I am in and I support this with every cell of my body!", "For the EU to make it clear that it is not acceptable that European citizens or companies are involved in large-scale activities that destroy border-less ecosystems, such as the oceans, is a powerful signal to send to the world. The idea of the EU being a pioneer in acknowledging and honoring the inherent rights of nature, not only within its borders, but globally, is an idea that I fully support. The law proposed by the European Citizens Initiative End Ecocide in Europe could be the start of a journey that will strengthen nature´s right to life." );